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Socials 9

Log 3: 1794, I am Dead, But so is He.

Finally! That tyrant Robespierre is finally sentenced as guilty and has been sent to the guillotine! That cruel man committed genocide and killing thousands of innocent people like me. Who thought that a mass murderer like Robespierre would have be successful and… Continue Reading →

Log 2: 1793, The Gironde is not Doing so Well

It has been a busy past few years. Since the outbreak of the Revolution, I have gone up the ranks with my great speeches. I first joined the Jacobin Club and I became apart of the Girondists, which I became leader of. Along with… Continue Reading →

A Great Influence: Rousseau

Jacques Pierre Brissot was highly influenced by the ethical principles theorized by philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Rousseau had wrote a book called The Social Contract that he theorized was the best way to establish a political community around the problems of commercial society. The Social… Continue Reading →

Log 1: 1784, Out of Prison!

I have just been released from Bastille after four months.  I was at London proposing a paper collaborating with European intellectuals, and soon after I returned to Paris, I was sent to Bastille for publishing a pornographic pamphlet against the queen. Now that I am out, I will be… Continue Reading →


In Socials class, this past week, we’ve been discussing, defining, and creating memes. In out memes, we had to use one of the socials curriculum Big Ideas, a Hamilton the Musical and/or Howard Zinn reference, and then a Current Event… Continue Reading →

Document of Learning #2: I Don’t Have a LICE nse

Social Studies Inquiry Process: The Question A lot of these problems have come to me during Socials discussions about current events: Why is this so bad? Some things I just couldn’t understand. This Document of Learning has given me the… Continue Reading →

WikiRemix-v10 – A Podcast Remix

Potapitri presents: WikiRemix-v10 Produced by Erickimchi, Natalie, Andrea, and Jackson H  

Document of Learning #1: The Present and Future

Personal Narratives Last year, we cover a lot about Canada development from 1815 to 1914. The government, causes leading toward confederation, the Red River and Northwest Rebellions, and the interactions between the Aboriginal peoples and the European explorers and settlers…. Continue Reading →

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