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Documents of Learning

Political Narrative Document of Learning

A: What political narrative do you find the most compelling (Identity, Economy, Geography, Government)? Why? I honestly find all political narratives very compelling. I feel like the government can partially control the economy, which is what our reputation becomes (identity)…. Continue Reading →

Money? Phh! Yea Right!

The Enbridge Northern Gateway Project is planned to put an oil pipeline through aboriginal land. Enbridge has a large history of oil spills and it is a huge concern to the Aboriginals as it has the potential of causing an… Continue Reading →


#talonsss here is the mind map from Jackson H, Oliver, and I and the link of the article: — Chloe Cooley (@NicoleHungry) May 5, 2015

B2 or not B2 – Initial Document of Learning

In this Prescribed Learning Outcome B2, I feel that I’m not receiving as much information about the aboriginal people then I should be. When I was in elementary school, there was this aboriginal program where kids with aboriginal backgrounds go… Continue Reading →

Mid-Term Post!

Here is my Mid Term Prezi!  

What in our Past is leading us to the Future??

I feel like technology has taken a huge role in the way we see things today.

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