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Political Narrative Document of Learning

A: What political narrative do you find the most compelling (Identity, Economy, Geography, Government)? Why? I honestly find all political narratives very compelling. I feel like the government can partially control the economy, which is what our reputation becomes (identity)…. Continue Reading →

Money? Phh! Yea Right!

The Enbridge Northern Gateway Project is planned to put an oil pipeline through aboriginal land. Enbridge has a large history of oil spills and it is a huge concern to the Aboriginals as it has the potential of causing an… Continue Reading →


#talonsss here is the mind map from Jackson H, Oliver, and I and the link of the article: — Chloe Cooley (@NicoleHungry) May 5, 2015

B2 or not B2 – Initial Document of Learning

In this Prescribed Learning Outcome B2, I feel that I’m not receiving as much information about the aboriginal people then I should be. When I was in elementary school, there was this aboriginal program where kids with aboriginal backgrounds go… Continue Reading →

Mid-Term Post!

Here is my Mid Term Prezi!  

:( -Louis Reil

It’s 1864, I’m in Montreal right now. My life isn’t really going so well right now. My father just died at age 43. I’m done with priesthood! I am going to withdraw from college and live with my aunt! Maybe I will… Continue Reading →

I AM NOT INSANE – Louis Riel

Thank you God for bringing me here today as I am today. It’s 1856 and I have not much to say, BUT I have just received a scholarship to study at a Sulpician school in Montréal at age 13!! Haha!!… Continue Reading →

Canadian History: A Good Source – War of 1812

I know it’s not just me, but it seem so much more fun reading cartoons then reading the newspaper about politics. While articles and editorials provided the most direct source of information on political developments and public opinion, political cartoons were… Continue Reading →

What in our Past is leading us to the Future??

I feel like technology has taken a huge role in the way we see things today.

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