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In-Depth Study 2015

In-Depth Assignment #3 – Guitar vs. Ukulele

De Bono continues his discussion of how to have a beautiful mind with “how to be interesting” and “how to respond.” Liam (my mentor) and I had a connection between the guitar chords and ukulele chords as he is more… Continue Reading →

Update! – Just Getting Started!

Great news! I finally got a ukulele mentor! His name is Liam, a very kind college student. My first session was on February 28th at his house and I will be seeing him every Saturday. We started off by choosing… Continue Reading →

Assignment Post #2

Not so far ahead, but made progress. A few days ago I made a phone call to one of the members in the ukulele group I mentioned in my previous blog post. The member told me that the circle is… Continue Reading →

Update! (For Assg. Post #1)

UPDATE!!! Turns out I have too much on my shoulders. I have semi-quit the band and will no long be playing an instrument yet I will be contributing somehow by maybe getting the group organized, or singing (Does that makes… Continue Reading →

My First In-Depth Post: Introduction to My In-Depth Project

With my passion in music, here’s my chance! For my In-Depth Project, I will be going in-depth on my ukulele as I try to become better. With a new songs every one or two weeks I hope to learn and… Continue Reading →

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