Finally! That tyrant Robespierre is finally sentenced as guilty and has been sent to the guillotine! That cruel man committed genocide and killing thousands of innocent people like me. Who thought that a mass murderer like Robespierre would have be successful and helpful to this revolution? They’re all wrong. He nearly killed the whole population! There would have been no revolution at all! If only the Gironde took over the Committee of Public Safety, then France would actually be SAFE! All would have been good if only Robespierre didn’t killed the ones that would save the revolution.

As I sit here in Heaven,  I look towards this disaster, this Reign of Terror, caused by the horrible actions of Robespierre. There’s no doubt he’s in Hell right now, and I’m glad to not see him anytime sooner. The minds of the Gironde were much more suited for this revolution then those radical Montagnards who just kill everyone, even those on their side. I see people who are turning in and seeing the wrong out of Robespierre. I knew there was some people that would turn around and make the revolution go the right way. I heard they call themselves Thermidorians. They sound like a good club. I wish those people realized what was wrong earlier, so this mass kill wouldn’t have happened.

Well let’s just hope that the people like Jean-Lambert Tallien and his friends from the Thermidorian Convention would do well. I hope that their action upon this disaster will bring it back up to where the Gironde would have put the people of France.