It has been a busy past few years. Since the outbreak of the Revolution, I have gone up the ranks with my great speeches. I first joined the Jacobin Club and I became apart of the Girondists, which I became leader of. Along with the rest of the Jacobins, I went through the Legislative Assembly and on towards the National Convention, where I am now. I have brought up the Gironde and now we are dominating the Jacobin Club at the National Convention, but now the Jacobins have kind of split into two, the Gironde and the Mountain. The Montagnards are very radical and it seems like they want to kill everyone.

Over the first few months of the National Convention, three questions have been frequently raised: revolutionary violence, Parisian dominance of politics, and the trial of the king. Sparing the king was definitely the biggest priority to the National Convection.

But now that the King is dead, the Convection can now focus on the revolutionary violence, Parisian dominance of politics. I accepted the creation of the Committee of Public Safety and the Revolutionary Tribunal, and then it started going downhill. The popularity of montagnards has been increasing immensely, the influence of the Gironde is declining and the number of anti-Brissot petitions increased a lot. This has bothering me a lot for the past month, and I think it might be time I be more aggressive on the Montagnards and hopefully it will help out with the Girondists.