Less than a month until In-Depth Night! The night where I showcase all I have learned in the past 4 months.
Performances are scary, but exciting. And I hope the stage fright won’t hit me as hard this year.

This year, my plan for the performance is much more prepared than last year, and practising only makes it better. I originally thought of having someone accompanying me (or I accompanying someone). But when most people think of beatboxing alongside something, it’s usually with a rap. I’d like to do something different, so Hira and I will be performing together on the night. Hira is doing singing for her In-Depth, and with the right choice of songs, these two projects will blend together quite nicely. Since each person on stage get two minutes each, together we get four minutes for both of us.

We’ve got song on mind, and cutting both down to two minutes makes a perfect performance. Our first song is an acappella version of Sia’s Elastic Heart arranged by KRNFX and Daniela Andrade. This song is greatly set up for me to show off what I can do, and has great opportunities for solos. Although some parts are difficult, pushing myself to achieve some of it will make it interesting.
Our second song is Skinny Love by Birdy. Since it is a slower song, beatboxing must be subtle, yet still effective. This more of a song focused on Hira, but slow songs are always a challenge for anyone. We were thinking it may be best to have the piano accompany us for this performance.
Hira and I have met before school three times to practice already, and after every practice, we know what needs to be worked on, and sounds awesome after every time!

Both of these song are great for both of us. Elastic Heart focuses more on me, and Skinny Love focuses more on Hira, yet both still show skill and effort into both of our chosen projects. The songs puts a challenge onto my learning, but it pushes me to make it interesting. As every day get closer and closer to the night, my level of excitement gets higher and higher.

Last week, I told my mentor, Liam, the song that I am doing for In-Depth Night with Hira. We decided that Elastic Heart will be the most difficult, and the focus we will be on that (as I planned). So this past two weeks, I’ve been practising A LOT and I’ve been trying to decode the complex rhythms that KRNFX does in the cover. So far it is going fairly well and it’s starting to sound really good. Today, we met up again, and we did some freestyle beatboxing, then straight into practising both pieces starting with Elastic Heart, then ending off with Skinny Love. Liam has been giving me great feedback such as holding a ‘sh’ longer  or adding more of an emphasis on a beat. But right now, timing the beatboxing with the song will be critical and practising lots with the song, or with Hira is going to help a lot.