I have just been released from Bastille after four months.  I was at London proposing a paper collaborating with European intellectuals, and soon after I returned to Paris, I was sent to Bastille for publishing a pornographic pamphlet against the queen. Now that I am out, I will be going back into pamphleteering.

Many of my works have been influenced by the great Jean-Jacques Rousseau. His Theories of ethical precepts are very interesting and had made me think a lot about how this government is working. I have become fairly known for my writing in the Mercure de France, the Courrier de l’Europe and other papers, being fairly loyal to the cause of humanity.

Now that I am now out of prison, I am planning to write a letter to emperor Joseph II of Austria about right of subjects against the misrule of a monarch, which I believe is currently happening here in France. If do go forward with this plan, I may just go back to London again for a bit. And maybe look for an anti-slavery group while I’m at London. I heard there is a group of people who were against slavery and were mainly opposing of black slavery and the African slave trade. This sound like something I want to be a part of. Slavery is a dark mark on humanity and I want to help end slavery. Maybe I could even raise the topic to the National Assembly. Who know what I will do in the future.

–  J. P. Brissot