Today seemed very short for some sort of reason. Similarly to last week, Liam, my mentor, told me how ‘pizzicato’ could also be turned into a beat if said slowly. It sounded like “Pi-tsi-cato”. We got into beatboxing that for a while, then we had one person beatbox “sip a cup of tea” wile the other did “Pi-tsi-cato”, then we alternated. We then got into mixing “Pi-tsi-cato” and “sip a cup of tea” and that lead into freestyle beatboxing.

During the freestyle beatboxing, Liam stopped me to give me some tips on combining the wind-like sounds and cutting it off with a snare-sound to make a pop-style snare effect. I remembered he slightly introduced me to this sound effect last week. This sound effect is found in a lot of pop songs and is really useful when mimicking drumlines from pop songs.