This week, my mentor Liam, was excited to teach me a pattern he just learned from his friend. It was “Sip a cup a(of) tea” but with out any vowels. We played around with that for while then Liam introduced me to the Greater Vancouver Gentlemen of Fortune and he suggested that I should go check them out or even join. rehearse every Tuesday evening at 7:25 pm, at Como Lake Church Hall and the rehearsals are all open to the public and to potential new members.

After that we went back into beatboxing “Sip a cup a tea” while also incorporating previous beatboxing techniques and skills learned. I discovered that you could do a lot with “Sip a cup a tea” by rearranging, altering the sounds and and adding emphasis to different syllables. He then told me I needed to work on putting a melody with beatboxing, so told me to search up Bobby McFerrin, the person who sang “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. The one song he specifically suggested is the song “Spain” with Chick Corea where he uses a vocal jazz technique called scat singing or also known as scatting.  This technique uses wordless vocables or nonsense syllables to make the voice more of an instrument rather than a singing medium. So we then tried scatting while the other beatboxes and then we alternate.

This week, my homework is to practice adding melody to my beatboxing and practice scatting.