The Question: What did I do this Week?

Today, I finally got to see my mentor, Liam, after a month of not seeing each other due to Liam being sick, and me going out for vacation. We quickly caught up with each other, then when straight into business.

We started off with making wind sounds, explosions, the sounds of jets flying by, and other air-movement-related sound effects. Adding tone to these wind sounds, the effect turned into a wobble bass sound. With this new sound effect, we beatboxed and tried adding the wobble bass to add a dubstep feel into the beat. After that, we worked on using our tongue to make different sound effects such as rapid firing gun. In beatboxing, flickering the tongue or rolling your R’s is really useful and that is something I need to work on. So for the next couple weeks, my homework is to practice rolling my R’s.