This week, my mentor Liam is sick, and I was not able to meet him. Alternately, it may be a good time to look back on what I have learned over the past five weeks.

Every week, Liam and I meet at his house in person for an hour. Last week was for the fourth time we met. During these mentoring sessions, we tend to make a lot of noises by him demonstrating and me listening, then repeating back. Although it seems like we just do a lot of beatboxing, we still communication with each other effectively. The way Liam explains and describes how to make certain sounds with your mouth is very effective. He likes to relate sounds with consonants, and it was easy to understand because both of us knew how to make a “b” sound.
Although Liam and I are in two different generations and his school experience was different than mine, we still managed to distinguish each other’s differences and understand what we say. When Liam was in high school, his friends would participate in rap battles. In my school there are no rap battles that I know of, but I still knew what they are.
A challenge that has occurred many times, is the ability to match tone. What comes out of my mouth, is much different that what I think I say. It is very frustrating at times, but Liam is very patient with me and we get through it by the end of the day. I was very candid that day, and I told him that maybe beatboxing with a tone might not be the best option to perform, and he replied back with “That’s alright, everyone has strengths and weaknesses, let’s see what we can do about it.” W e continued to still work on beatboxing with tone, but we just try to keep it simple.

This is what I learned so far:
Week One: I learned that beatboxing is not only mimicking the sounds of a drum set, but also the sounds of turntables, brass instruments, guitars, and electronic effects such as a siren.
Week Two: I learned to make different bass drum effects and cool trumpet/trombone solos.
Week Three: I learned to add tone while mimicking a drum beat.
Week Four: I learned to mimic a disc scratch and the crash cymbal.
Week Five: I learned how to score percussion and beatbox Mario themes.

With all these new techniques, it will be best to present my mid-project learning by making a song cover. So I will be making a short cover of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” with my friend Minlyn who did rapping for his In-Depth Project last year.

Here is the short cover of ‘Wrecking Ball’